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This edition would not have become a reality without the invaluable help of many people.

I would first like to thank my team of graphic designers,  Mauricio, William “El Magón” Morales and Gabriela Watson, for their meticulous work and patience.

I am also very grateful to Pam and Mary at Blue Jewel Travel  at my office in the United States.  They are the backbone of my publishing and distribution company.

A special thanks to the following highly skilled writers: John McCuen, Lindsay Whipp and Peter “The Great” Krupa for their contribution to this guidebook. Without their assistance it would have been impossible to produce this book.

Thank you Lic. Adolfo García, Les Nuñez, Robert Hodell, Rudy “WD2” Matthews and the scores of other experts whose interviews were used to compile information for the guide.

A very special thinks to John McCuen, Mathias Black  and Marc Rogiers from Zona Tropical Publishing for their patience and invaluable help with this project. They are truly professional in every sense of the word.

Finally, I would like to express my eternal gratitude to members of my family, especially my late mother and wife,  for the strength and inspiration they gave me  to pursue my dreams.

Christopher Howard
Heredia, Costa Rica