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About the Authors

In order to create an accurate guidebook of this scope and magnitude it was necessary to select writers with experience in the field of economics, real estate, newspaper reporting and photo journalism. Many candidates were interviewed but the two below proved by far to be the most qualified for this three-year project.

Lindsay Whipp

Lindsay Whipp is British and has been living overseas since she left university in the UK. After completing her masters in Tokyo in gender and development studies, she worked for Bloomberg in Tokyo for five years writing about the auto industry and then the economy. In 2006 she moved to Costa Rica and worked briefly as a freelance journalist before teaming up with Christopher Howard and Zona Tropical to research, write and take photographs for this book. She has since moved back to Tokyo where she is a correspondent for the Financial Times.

Peter Krupa

Peter Krupa is a professional journalist who is fluent in Spanish and has spent four years living and working in Costa Rica. In his time covering real estate for local English weekly the Tico Times, he heard it all, and wrote on everything from title insurance, to beach front scams, to new developments attractive to retirees. Peter has traveled extensively in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and in addition to writing about real estate, he himself has gone through the process of purchasing a home in Costa Rica. Along with his work on this book, Peter covers the Panamanian economy for The Economist Intelligence Unit, and has worked as the Costa Rica editor for Central America Today. He is the owner and editor of Costa Rica news site