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Waterfall Country Home and Rental House

Uvita, Bahía Ballena, Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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Residential Sale
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Mountain View, Ocean View, River View, Wooded View
Total Lot Size:
1.92 ha (4.74 acre)

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This property has been completely refurbished by the seller. The bones of this house are of an older style home here in the rim above Uvita. Over the years that the seller has owned this property, she has upgraded everything to modern standards while maintaining the rustic feel. Some portions of the existing structures are recently built.

See what the agent says about this listing (original title and description):

Waterfall Country Home and Rental House

This property has been completely refurbished by the seller. The bones of this house are of an older style home here in the rim above Uvita. Over the years that the seller has owned this property, she has upgraded everything to modern standards while maintaining the rustic feel. Some portions of the existing structures are recently built.

Long Description

This house is a departure from the modern, very clean, contemporary lines that we commonly see in our house offerings here. There is a lot of wood in this home. The floor of the main house is wood. The walls are either of wood, or of painted concrete. The design allows lots of natural light in. One feels very much at home in this well constructed, comfy cabin. The grounds are quite large and lean towards those who would like to generate much of their own food on their property. There are abundant fruit trees as well as resources for cultivation of whatever fruits and vegetables one may want. There is a very nice chicken coup as well as some large compost bins. Composting works very fast here in Costa Rica. There are wonderful sitting areas sprinkled around the property so you can design where you want to be at various times of the day to take full advantage of the fact that you are living in the gorgeous nature of Costa Rica. Walk down the well maintained trail to the waterfalls and pools that border the property. This waterfall and pool are worth the price of the property. The houses and grounds are thrown in as a bonus. The guest house is nearly all recently built. The European roots of the seller show in the design and quality of the construction. Downstairs is the kitchen and a bathroom, and the upstairs is comprised of 2 bedrooms and an open air deck that easily amplify the bedding capacity of the property. The location is about 8 minutes to Uvita's town center and the access is a well maintained community road. The availability of houses in this area is extremely low, so its availability, coupled with the size and quality of the property all sum up to where it can easily be deemed "a find". List of trees and plants on the property: FRUITS TREES,FRUITS AND VEGGIES: almendro - tropical almond (young tree) anona avocado (young trees) bananos (many different types) carambola (young tree) cacao caimito - aviut (two types) caňa dulce - sugar cane cas (young tree) castaňa - fruta de pan citrus coco guanabana - soursop guava - ice cream bean guava hawaiiana guayaba - guava mamon chino - rambutan mango y manga (various) maraňon - cashew manzana de agua - water appel manzana de rosa - rose appel manzana koreana nance noni orange papaya pejibaye - peach palm pineapples platanos tiquisque - taro toronja vanilla yucca (the vegetable) zapote MEDICINAL PLANTS: aloe vera bitterwood caňa agria - spiral flag caňa fistula - golden shower tree chan cecropia cilantro cinnamon tree gavilana - jackass bitters ginger guapinol güitite - wild tobacco tree hoja de estrella - piper auritum hoja de aire - life everlasting hoja sen - dwarf poinciana itabo - yucca juanilama lemon grass and citronella lengua de suegra - sansevieria mimosa mint naranjilla roble de sabana - pau d'arco saragundi targua colorado - red targua tuna - prickly pear cactus turmeric USABLE WOOD : cedro amargo cenizaro green bamboo guanacaste mango pochote roble FLOWERING TREES: cortez amarillo - tabebuia cuajada frangipani jacaranda la orgulla de la india - queens crape myrtle malinche orchid tree powderpuff ylang-ylang OTHER PLANTS: bejuco de San Jose - golden trumpet blue trumpet vine bamboo orchid balsa tree bateita - monkey comb tree bijagua - rattlesnake plant bijagua hoja blanca capulin, juco - trema coffee ficus heliconia latispatha heliconia imbricata heliconia chartasea - sexy pink heliconia rostrata - lobster claw heliconia psittacorum - parrot's flower maquenque - stilt palm monkey ladder olotillo - golden shrimp plant palo de oro - croton (various) panama hat palm papyrus (various) pastora - poinsettia porterweed rainbow bark eucalyptus red dracaena (various) sanguinea - brasilian red cloak wild nutmeg wild passion fruit

Roof Type: Metal
Number of Bedrooms: 5
Number of Full Bathrooms: 3
Number of Stories: 2
Total Living Area: 315.87 m² (3,399.98 sq ft)
Total Lot Size: 1.92 ha (4.74 acre)
Floor Type: Concrete, Wood
Construction Status: Completed
Construction Type: Wood
Year Built: 2017
Appliances Included: Oven, Refrigerator, Stove, Washing Machine
Air Condition: No
Furnished Type: Fully
Pool: No
Jacuzzi: No
Parking Type: Other
Number of Parking Spaces: 2
Telephone: No
Internet: No
Television: No
Location: Uvita, Bahía Ballena, Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica
State: Puntarenas
County: Osa
District: Bahía Ballena
City/Town: Uvita
Zip Code: 60504
Location Type: Mountain
Geographic Type: Rain Forest
View Type: Mountain View, Ocean View, River View, Wooded View
Precipitation: Moderate
Average Temperature: 25 °C (77 °F)
Interior Features Included: Natural Wood Finishing
Exterior Features Included: Fence, Fenced Yard, Garden, Patio
Street Access Type: Unpaved Road
Type of Water: Other
Type of Sewer: Septic
Type of Internet: Other
Type of Television: Satellite Television
Type of Electricity: Public
Telephone Available: Yes
Price per Air-Conditionable Living Area: $1,329.66/m2 ($123.53/sqft)
Price per Square Meter: $21.88/m2 ($2.03/sqft)
List Price: $420,000
Ownership Type: Legal Corporation

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