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About Propertyshelf - the official Costa Rica MLS & Webprovider

Propertyshelf is comprised of seasoned business and software specialists who specialize in web based service provisions. Propertyshelf MLStm is the developer and operator of the Realtors Board of Costa Rica which represents key benefits to buyers and investors of Costa Rica real estate properties using our verified and safe property and broker database.

We have designed and developed the Multiple Listing Service for developing countries, and provided IT Consultation services for small, medium to large size companies. Serving our clients with robust and secure software solutions across industries is what drives us.

Our MLS offers the world’s largest database of verified Properties throughout Costa Rica. Every listing has been verified with in cooperation by the non for profit Chamber of Real Estate.  We specialize in MLS and web-solutions that benefit buyers, sellers, and developers, property management, leasing agents alike.

Risk Management Services, we verify the listings with the national registry to ensure marketable title and appropriately present the risks associated with each property, while the Chamber also offers the country's first Real Estate Arbitration Court. When you look for a real estate broker in Costa Rica ask them first if they are affiliated to the Chamber.

Our management and development teams focus on doing our best at providing complete services tailored to you and your business in order for you to run your business more effectively. We offer a modern and high tech solution for your business needs, keeping the software simple enough for anyone to use, no matter how tech savy.  If you are interested about our IT, MLS, website and software development and consultation services contact us